the necklace room

LMCC OPEN STUDIOS April 28th-29th, 2017
A dynamic performance space created especially for the LMCC Open Studios public events - a diorama, a necklace, a room, a performance.

28 Liberty Street, 24th Floor
LMCC Workspace Residency Program is a nine-month studio residency program that focuses on creative practice development for artists working across all disciplines.

During my residency time I explored the parallel practice between my choreographic and jewelry work. I make intricate pendant necklaces under the name anotherbergcreation, combining a variety of materials to create wearable collage pieces. I see my jewelry as a microcosm of the complex choreographic structures and collaboration between people, objects and props inherent in my performance pieces. Both practices speak to my interest in rigor, structure, detail, humor and honed absurdity. Creating custom pieces for other dancers and choreographers, I juggle my jewelry making time with rehearsals and performance projects. Both practices are in conversation with one another and the LMCC residency gave me the opportunity to look at both in the same space.