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The Necklace Room

As part of 2016-17 LMCC Workspace Artist Residency Open Studios April 2017.

During the LMCC Workspace Residency, I developed a parallel practice between my choreographic and jewelry work. Looking at how the physical and intuitive process associated with making jewelry might affect or enhance my performance work, I made necklaces to correlate with my (dance) studio research. I presented the results in a dynamic installation performance set inside an empty office studio on our residency floor. Incorporating elements from past performances within a small controlled space to reflect the intimate structures of my collage-based jewelry pieces.

Performances by past collaborators Bessie McDonough-Thayer, Jodi Bender, Jillian Sweeney, costumes and props from past performances reframed and repurposed including: a giant turkey, 12-15 blow-up dolls, costume multiples, fabric, masks, LED campfire, a disco light, and necklaces to accompany or direct the movement scores/constellations of objects. Audience participation encouraged.
Jewelry Studio as part of LMCC Workspace Residency.