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Commissioned by Roulette Intermedium as part of the Fall 2021 Season, November 3-5, 2021. A collaboration with Karl Scholz and Jodi Bender.

superposition, a new collaborative performance work by choreographer Laurie Berg with performer Jodi Bender, and sound artist Karl Scholz, utilizes the unique acoustics of Roulette’s space to knit sound via an ever shifting speaker configuration. Audience members will be invited to join the performers in experiencing the room from multiple perspectives.
a show / return / re-assemblage / soundscape / beginning called superposition.
Created by Laurie Berg and Karl Scholz in collaboration with performer Jodi Bender. Technical consultant: Matt Romein

Karlala Soundsystem

The vulnerable answer to describe superposition:
It’s an invitation to come join us in a very lovely space and sit with the many selves we’ve pushed aside/misplaced/disconnected from. It’s a slasher piece, invoking some entry level quantum theory to situate my body/a body/your body with the multiple selves/possibilities/parts that have come apart over the past two years. I am craving embodiment, but can’t remember where I hid my damn nuts! Jodi and I are working together on the process of putting our dancer-selves back into our bodies. One object/bag of objects/association/speaker placement at a time.

Other iterations and showings…

  • Some elements of this work were developed during a residency with Matt Romein at The Chocolate Factory Theater.
  • Movement research at the Judson Church as part of the fall Festival 2021: Parent Artist Resident night December 2021
  • The next iteration of this piece will be part of FOMO:DIPTYCH in May 2022.

superposition set idea sketch