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EZ Pass

Commissioned by Roulette Intermedium as part of DANCEROULETTE for the Spring 2019 Season, April 17-18, 2019. A collaboration with Bessie McDonough-Thayer.

EZ Pass follows the path of least resistance, creating the space to opt in or out as relationships shift from duets to quartets to solos to nothing at all. A layered landscape of crystal clear unison choreography and group improvisations, juxtaposed with 20 blow-up sex dolls, EZ Pass inevitably deflates into a pile of jumbled limbs (some real, some fake). Among this tumbling mess of vulnerability, power, absurdity, and misrepresentations of the female form, four humans find one another to offer support and snacks. Originally created to be performed when Laurie was almost 8 months pregnant, the piece developed with systems of care as part of its choreographic structure, finding ways to strategize for a rapidly changing body. The 20 blow-up dolls – leaky by-products of several years of research and two works involving a blow-up doll cast member – points to a different kind of physical representation of the labor of creation.

“We are slippery – real bodies folding in and out of a landscape of loaded imagery – creating a tension between external associations and how we use the objects to understand our relationships to one another. ”

Created by Laurie Berg and Bessie McDonough-Thayer in collaboration with performers Jodi Bender and Anna Adams Stark. Original Sound by Karl Scholz. Costumes by Michael DiPietro.

Other iterations and showings…

  • January 2020: In the Works 2020 presented by Meredith Boggia (Brooklyn, NY) and Magnus Nordberg Movement (Stockholm, SE), La Mama Galleria, NY, NY
  • The pandemic slowed this one down. Maybe it will come back to life in the future!