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A Different Brand of Chaos

Danspace Project Presents
PLATFORM 2011: Body Madness
Part 2 – Rhythm and Humor
curated by David Parker
A Shared Evening – March 17-19, 2011
Laurie Berg’s A Different Brand of Chaos 
in collaboration with Siri Peterson
Aynsley Vandenbroucke’s Untitled
with Brian Rogers and Mike Rugnetta

In A Different Brand of Chaos Berg and collaborator Siri Peterson move through and in between the digital and analog realms, looking at the continuity of waveforms versus the fragmentation of digital forms. Polyrhythms are digital, water is analog; in between is show business. Leaving an auditory trail of objects (and a visual trail of sequins) behind them, Laurie and Siri take on rhythmical challenges that culminate in a binary hoedown.

Created by Laurie Berg in collaboration with Siri Peterson
Performed by Laurie Berg and Siri Peterson
Costumes: courtesy of the private collection of Julie Berg
Lighting Design: Carol Mullins


Other iterations and showings…

  • November 2010: The Salon Show at Ulla’s House, (Brooklyn, NY)
  • June 2010: International Computers & Music Festival, Stony Brook University, (L.I., NY)
  • October 2009: Draftwork, Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, (NYC)
  • 2009 Bessie Shonberg Laboratory in Composition Showing, DTW, (NYC)